Trading psychology with KDC Rules

Every trader must apply KDC rules for a sustainable income from financial markets. All of us know that GREED & FEAR are biggest enemies of every trader, but surprisingly no institute in this world teaches the effective method to control Greed & Fear in your trading decisions. At ART OF TRADING (AOT) we will teach you the best and successful technique to control these emotions. After learning these rules, it will ensure that you can comfortably take a trade without worrying about GREED & FEAR.

Gann RRR rules

Wealth management is an important part of any trading plan. Many traders fail to properly manage their wealth which ultimately affect their overall performance. At AOT we take care of every single participants and guide them properly using GANN RRR rules. Our mantra is "PLAN YOUR TRADE- TRADE YOUR PLAN".

Minor trend analysis and trading rules

This technique can be termed as “Bread & Butter” technique. It is a very effective trading plan for positional trades, which is based on Minor trend and Gann RRR rules. Superbly simple to learn and easy to apply with very low capital requirement. Regular monthly profit is possible if you follow the KDC rules properly.

Gann Pyramid technique/ "Sleeping Tiger" technique/Friday Closing technique

These are improvised techniques used in combination with minor trend and RRR rules. These rules will give an extra edge to your trading plan and will also increase the profit potential. We all have seen many traders average their loss, but we are strongly against this. We will teach how to do averaging in profit so that you can maximize your returns.

Gann Retracement rules

Gann retracement rules are highly accurate, effective and powerful than Fibonacci levels. Many important tops and bottoms are formed based on Gann retracement rules. This is one of the best systems to find the strength of any trending markets. Many profitable trades are available based on Gann retracement rules for both investment and positional trades. Minimum risk and maximum reward is possible in every trade.

Gann Swing chart (one bar /two bars/three bars/ percentage swing)

Gann introduced this swing trading concept to the world. It is a very powerful tool for Major trend analysis to find investment and positional trades. Very few people across the globe know how to properly construct a swing chart. So far, we have not come across any software which draws Gann swings correctly. Here you will learn the construction of Gann swing without the use of any software. You will also understand the difference between the various type of swing chart Gann used to follow.

Major trend analysis and trading techniques

Gann swing charts construction and analysis is very important part of Gann system. Proper trading rules can be immensely rewarding for any Investor and positional traders. This can provide techniques for all type of traders who are looking for small to big profit.

Gann C-0/ C-1/C-2 Rules

This is the top-secret rule discovered by AOT faculty after a lot of research on Gann system. These are so powerful rules that you can predict and trade majority of Bull & Bear markets without worrying about economy and fundamentals . Big investment position can be taken without checking the balance sheet of company. No Software-No Indicators required. It is a dream of every trader to buy at Bottoms and sell at Tops. This technique alone is capable of fulfilling your dreams most of the time. It has huge potential and can generate a favourable trade where Risk to reward ratio is as high as 1:100.

Top secret "TTT Technique"

This is a unique and a copyright technique. AOT faculty has put more than 30 years of his experience in speculative markets to find the top-secret method of selecting stocks for quick profit in both investment and positional trades. No need to purchase any kind of computerised scanner. Trading becomes a fun activity if profits are available quickly. Nobody likes to wait for a very long period for booking profit. Here you will learn the simplest method of identifying stocks for both positional and investment positions which will fetch you handsome reward in shortest possible time.

Live market demo and application of all Gann rules

This is the biggest advantage for every student if you join this AOT course. Gann rules are very powerful but surprisingly simple. It is so simple that on the 3 nd day of training, you are ready to take Live Trades. You will witness the Live demonstration and learn how to apply Gann rules and select winning stocks profitably during live market for F&O trade or for investment purpose.