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Trading psychology with KDC Rules

Every trader must apply KDC rules for a sustainable income from financial markets. All of us know that GREED & FEAR are biggest enemies of every trader, but surprisingly no institute in this world teaches the effective method to control Greed & Fear in your trading decisions. At ART OF TRADING (AOT) we will teach you the best and successful technique to control these emotions. After learning these rules, it will ensure that you can comfortably take a trade without worrying about GREED & FEAR.

Gann Emblem; Construction and application

Gann Emblem is perhaps the biggest discovery made by Gann. We will teach you the correct method to draw the Gann Emblem. This demonstrates the power of natural laws which can be effectively applied in any financial markets and in any time frame. The secret of Market Geometry and mathematical relationship will be revealed to you for intraday and positional movement of markets.

Gann Retracement rules

Gann retracement rules are highly accurate, effective and powerful than Fibonacci levels. Many important tops and bottoms are formed based on Gann retracement rules. This is one of the best systems to find the strength of any trending markets. Many profitable trades are available based on Gann retracement rules for both intra day and positional trades. Minimum risk and maximum reward is possible in every trade.

Gann Master Chart Square of 9; construction and interpretation

This is the world’s best but top-secret Gann Master chart. You will learn to draw accurately the famous Gann Square of 9 chart. The secrecy regarding its interpretation and its relationship with any financial markets will be revealed to you.Square of 9 is so powerful that a trader can take profitable trades even without the support of any chart or costly software/indicators.

Number Degree formula; calculation and application

Many of the internet Gann analysts are dependant on either some kind of net based Gann calculator or some excel sheet formula whereas students at Art of Trading learn the simplest way to calculate all Gann intraday and positional levels without purchasing any software. The calculations are done with the use simple mathematics which can easily be learnt. It is so simple that even a secondary level student can learn it easily in few hours.

Natural Square of 9

This is the most basic and primary level Gann levels. These are easily available on internet but only a few know that it has got vey limited use. We will teach you when to give these levels more importance and when to avoid it all together.

Dynamic Square of 9

This is the most effective and top-secret Gann Square of 9 levels which are vigorously applied at AOT for both for positional and intraday trades. Only a few traders in this world know the proper calculation and application of Dynamic Squares.

Positional trading techniques with Square of 9 levels

Positional Gann Square of 9 levels are highly accurate and has enough potential to generate big profit in any markets. But knowing positional levels are not enough, we must learn how to trade with these levels with proper entry and profit booking levels. We will teach you how to effectively maintain a minimum risk maximum reward strategy in every trade.

Intra-day trading rules with square of 9 levels

Gann was not an intraday trader, so it was the most difficult task for the AOT faculty to find the accurate and effective Gann levels for intraday trading. After putting many years in research, we found the successful application of square of 9 levels which can be applied in any markets Equity/commodity/Forex. You will be surprised to find that many intraday tops and bottoms are formed on Gann levels. We maintain the minimum risk maximum reward strategy even in intraday trades.

TTT technique

This is a unique and a copyright technique. AOT faculty has put more than 30 years of his experience in speculative markets to find the top-secret method of selecting stocks for quick profit in both intraday and positional trades. No need to purchase any kind of computerised scanner. Trading becomes a fun activity if profits are available quickly. Nobody likes to wait for a very long period for booking profit. Here you will learn the simplest method identifying stocks for both intraday and positional trades which will fetch you handsome reward in shortest possible time.

Live market demo and application of Gann rules & levels

This is the biggest advantage for every student if you join the AOT course. Gann rules are very powerful but surprisingly simple. It is so simple that on the 2 nd day you are ready to take Live Trades. You will witness the Live demonstration and learn how to apply Gann rules/levels profitably in any live market with high success ratio.