About Us

Who are we?

Art of Trading (AOT) was founded by Mr. Shyamal Sinha in the year 2007 . He is an electrical engineer by academia and a Gann trader by profession, having more than 30 years of experience in financial markets (Equity/Commodity/ Forex/ F & O). AOT is presently located in Delhi, India. We are an empowered and inspiring team of professionals shaping the future of many investors and traders throughout the globe. We are expert in the field of Technical Analysis and we follow the top secret techniques of Wall Street wizard William Delbert Gann.

Our Mission

We intend to provide Investor/Trader education for every need and experience level.

AOT was developed with the aim to provide result oriented technical analysis training in accordance with individual trader needs. Since every training requires a tailored training (basically a mixture of skills and experience), we're dedicated for the highest quality training with live market demonstration and application.

A great reason, for making us different is only due to successful implementation of Gann system, a rare knowledge in the world.

Wherever you are and who so ever( investor/trader) you are , we will bring the right expertise to maximise your profit. AOT students can generate maximum revenue throughout the year in any financial markets ( Equity/Commodity/Forex/F & O).

Our Team

Shyamal Sinha

Gann Analyst

Ruchika Gupta
Business Associate

Price-Time analyst

Vishal Kumar
Business Associate

Price-Time analyst