Who's W D Gann?
William Delbert Gann was born in the year 1878 in Lufkin Texas, USA. At the age of 24 he started trading and analysing the stock & commodity markets. He discovered some hidden rules which were very accurate and effective in all markets. Eventually he became a Master trader & Predictor and was a well-known Wall street wizard. He died at the age of 77 in the year 1955. For more information you can visit the following pages: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Delbert_Gann
How Gann rules are better than any other traditional technical analysis system?
Majority of traditional system depends on computer generated indicators. CLOSING PRICE is almost mandatory hers as most of the indicators are formed on the basis of this. Without a closing price no candle sticks can be formed. Due to this majority of indicators are lagging in nature. In Gann system Closing prices are rarely used. More than 90% techniques are not dependant on closing price. So Gann system is not dependant on any computer or software, No need to purchase any expensive software. Simple hand drawn charts are more than sufficient to analyse any markets
Who should join Gann Course?
Anyone who wishes to make good and regular profit from any financial markets can join. It is useful for all whether you are an Investor or a Positional trader or an intraday trader. You can choose anything from becoming a full-time trader to a part time trader or a long term investor. No need to leave your present Job. You can be a successful positional trader while continuing in your present job.
Can Gann rules be applied in commodity or forex markets?
This is the biggest advantage of Gann system. It can be applied in all markets like Equity/commodity/F & O / Forex markets and in all time frames like intraday /positional/investment throughout the world.
Gann rules must be very complicated and difficult to learn?
Not true, rather exactly opposite is the truth. Gann rules are so simple and easy that even a secondary level student can learn and apply it effectively. Gann rules are TOP SECRET and not easily available to common traders. Gann wrote few books but did not disclose everything in those books. The faculty at Art of Trading has spent almost more than 30 years in research in demystifying the secret behind Gann rules.
Does Gann system depends upon astrology?
Not exactly. Yes it is true that Gann knew astrology and he was using it for prediction purpose. But later on he found few secret numbers derived from the knowledge of planets. He effectively applied these numbers in all markets for trading and prediction purpose. These numbers are known to only a selective few in this world. So knowledge of astrology is not mandatory for learning Gann techniques.
What is Gann Master Chart?
Gann did discover several of Master Charts which he was extensively applying for his personal trading purpose. His biggest discovery was "SQUARE OF NINE" master chart. This is so powerful and accurate that one can analyse and trade any financial markets without the knowledge or requirement of any CHART. Most of the Tops & Bottoms are formed based on Square of Nine which can be traded and predicted well in advance. This is very effective for both positional & intra day traders.
What is the meaning of RRR rules?
RRR means Risk Reward Ratio. In Gann system we always follow RRR rules. We do not initiate a trade till we are sure of getting a minimum 1:3 RRR means if risk is one reward must be three times. Gann system is capable of generating a RRR trade starting from 1:3 to 1:10 to 1:20 to 1:50 to 1:100 and so on. Every trader must attempt for a RRR trade where risk is minimum and reward is maximum.
Do you teach time rules in Gann courses?
Time rules are not covered in Gann courses. These courses deal with Gann price rules and Master charts. These rules are more than enough to generate a substantial profit any kind of trading intraday or positional.
Are 3 days more than enough to learn the rules?
Yes, it is more than enough as the rules are superbly simple and easy to understand. In fact, 2 days are more than enough to learn these rules. The third day is kept specially for Practical Training and application of these rules in the LIVE MARKET. Many students are able to generate good profit on the 3rd day of training during Live market session by applying the Gann rules.
I am totally new in the market. No idea of technical analysis. Can I join the Gann course? Do I need any specific knowledge before joining this course?
You are most welcome to join this course as a fresher. We prefer fresh traders as they learn it fast. Many students come to AOT after acquiring a lot of junk technical knowledge from various other sources. Sometimes it has been noticed that these students face little problem in acquiring Gann knowledge as they are not ready to forget the past knowledge. Most of the things taught here are 100% opposite to the traditional technical system. "IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO HAVE A CLEAN SLATE BEFORE YOU WRITE ANYTHING ON THAT."
How do I clear my doubts after the course? Do you provide any support after the course?
You need not worry on this account. There are some unique advantages for AOT Gann students. All AOT students are provided with query resolution support. Any technical queries related to Gann courses can be resolved during trading hours over the telephone at a mutually agreed time.
How much profit can I make after learning Gann Rules?
Literally speaking there are no limits on the amount of profit you can make. You can make any amount of profit, but it will differ from trader to trader. It will depend mostly on two factors-a) the amount of RISK CAPITAL employed b) DISCIPLINE in application of Gann rules. Broadly speaking as a thumb rule, you can expect to earn profit minimum 3 times of the risk capital employed in every trade. As success ratio is more than 80% in Gann system.
What is the Top-secret Gann course? Who should join this?
This course is suitable only for very big traders or Institutional fund managers. GANN WAVE and GANN TIME RULES are taught in this course. This course is available on demand only. Those aiming for very BIG PROFIT in investment or positional trading can opt for this course. Rarest of rare knowledge is provided in this course. The faculty took more than 30 years to discover these hidden rules of Gann . Anything more than this can not be discussed here as we all know that "PROOF OF THE PUDDING IS IN THE EATING",